«La Trouvaille» is a holiday home in a single room (loft) and can be used for 2 – 4 people to stay.  «La Trouvaille» is located in the rear of the garden and with its large glass facade is wonderfully brightly lit inside.

Information & Amenities

Suitable as accommodation for up to 4 people
Size 40m2
Bathroom with shower & WC
Double bed (kingsize)
Pull-out bed for 2 people
Kitchen with stove (2 plates), no oven
Breakfast in Maison Piloni or selfmade


mit with breakfast per night without breakfast per night
2 persons  € 1602 persons  € 130
every additional person + € 30every additional person +  € 15
single occupancy – € 20single occupancy – € 20
 Discount for stays of more than 6 nights.
Only May-September | Minimum rental period: 3 nights